Repurpose Goods From UNLV Surplus Center

Posted by UNLV Surplus Center on

Do you want to do something to help preserve the environment while being practical and/or creative? You can utilize the Surplus Center on the UNLV campus to do just that. The UNLV Surplus Center has been serving the university and community for over 12 years; selling repurposed items including computers, furniture, equipment, supplies, apparel, and more.

Repurposing has become a popular trend. There are so many thoughtful ways to repurpose and up-cycle an older item rather than spending excess money on something brand new. If you need any inspiration check out Pinterest (search "repurposed items") where you’ll find many creative and useful repurposing ideas for items that you'll find practical, entertaining, or both!

This is not only a cool way to save money, but by repurposing, you’re helping eliminate waste that could potentially pollute the earth in landfills. It’s a win-win!

Now that you know what repurposing is, you should check out the UNLV Surplus Center frequently to see if they have any values that you find useful, or that might capture your imagination for transformation!

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